The special cut of the Nano Suit hides the running cables inside giving no need of removing the cables before washing. The suit is made of the most flexible fiber called Lycra which is capable of expanding to a size 60% more than the original without any damages.

- The suit needs no additional treatment than moistening before wearing.
- The suit can expand in readiness to fit all boy shapes and sizes.
- The inner cabling avoids having bothering movement around and getting caught in cables running all over.
- In case preferred, one can wear anything above this thin suit.
- The suit can be moistened even during the workout via the watering points placed right in the middle of the electrodes.
- All parts of the suit are exchangeable thus in case of any malfunction it can be quickly and easily amended.
- The zippers inserted on the legs and arms make the suit fit even better.
- No more holding back; Movement is completely free.



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