No matter whether you hold workouts either individually or in group, inside a gym or in a park, the NANO Fitness equipment will provide you the most professional workout anyway and anywhere. No restrictions in usage or location anymore.

- One can easily adjust the impulses with the help of he control panel during the workout.
- One can suddenly stop the workout with the emergency stop button inserted on the top in case of any issues.
- It is a touch button that can also be used in gloves.

- The main unit sends the impulses over to the electrodes of the suit.
- The equipment can continuously be used by changing the rechargeable batteries.
- It is connected to the suit with only one plug.
- It is nearly invisible in a holder on the belt due to its small size and light weight.
- The holder can be replaced on the belt not to narrow movements in any position.

Our company, NANO Fitness Biro, is developing the most innovative fitness equipments within the world of EMS technology for more than two years now, providing more potential in effectiveness for gyms and personal trainers than have ever had.



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