The EMS is a method that has been successfully used in medicine for decades, the utilization of which greatly expanded in recent years, among others in the field of beauty industry and of sport, too. There are countless opportunities to improve our physical condition, from strength training with weights through several branches of aerobic to modern training methods. This is a relatively new method for increasing the effectivity of strength training exercises by electrical muscle stimulation. The Nano Fitness Biro offers a 20-minute, whole-body workout for those, who choose this type of sporting activity.

The needs of clients practicing EMS training are very diverse – they are often suffering from lack of time and/or energy, have joint problems or wish to increase their athletic performance. For that reason the Nano-packages overlap many fields of utilization, broadening this way the target group. All the EMS fitness devices that have appeared on the market so far, operated the most successful as an independent studio. This was mainly due to the high level of demand for personal training and for the premium service.

Because of wide range of possibilities hidden in Nano we solved its mobilization by a purpose-designed bag. A matching sport bag assists the delivery of all the components of the product, which can be carried as a cabin bag on plane due to its size and is resistant to everything (dust, water, shock).

- The operation of our equipment is easy to learn while still giving the opportunity of applying specific settings.
- The controls are in the hand of the customers who can adjust the impulses according to their own personal senses, strengths and capacities thus less time is spent with the adjustments leaving more time for the trainer to focus on the workout and the exercises.
- The fact that each customer is in possess of his/her own control, gives us the opportunity to make more than one or even a group of customers being exercised at a time.
- The suit can easily be put on, tight-fitting and stretchy enabling easy movement.
- Cables are running inside the suit avoiding all kinds of accidents during workout.
- Equipment is mobile therefore trainer can deliver workouts at customer’s place as well with no restrictions.



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