Due to its innovative technology, Nano Fitness is the perfect partner of both personal trainers and gyms, providing a wide range of usability. Please see the below description on the advantages provided by the system to our prospective partners.

For personal trainers…


EMS technology is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Personal trainers are obliged to search for new equipment of innovative technologies enabling them to help their clients reach their goals. Nevertheless, working with EMS technology used to require certain financial background like running a gym or purchasing franchise fees. NANO Fitness is here to provide you an option of no limits. Personal trainers should provide a flexible service regarding both time and location.

– Due to its portable power source, you are not limited to hold training in location where AC power source is available but can go for and outdoor workout session, too.
– Its thin material, cut, and disgn makes the suit be easily transportable. Even four suits and the equipment can fit into a suitcase.
– Any location can be convenient to prepare the suit by moistening it from outside when on client.
– The equipment is light, fits weightlessly in the flexible belt till the end of the workout.
– The suit fits all size due to its flexible material.
– The workouts can easily be combined also withTRX, Kettlbell, or zumbafitness exercises, for instance.

The start up of a usual gym might need financial resources an entrepreneur cannot afford. Mostly, the pre-calculation of costs, while including the furnishing, discloses the marketing and the ramp-up period expenses. Adding up all the above would result in a rather high need of financial investment. The low operational costs of an EMS gym though make these investments a great opportunity for success. This is the reason why our company provide personal trainers with an opportunity to manage their business with a low rate of risk and cost. Flexible lease of equipment and personal page on our website are available for our partners during the ramp-up period of the new business. In case of your interest in joining us in the world of EMS market, we are ready to provide you with a check list containing all the to-do’s of a start up.

For gyms…


The increasing number of EMS gyms arises the need of higher intention for the companies to focus on design and client satisfaction. Only gyms capable of implementing innovative technologies can keep pace and gain an advantage in the business competition. The advantage of the franchise system is the unionization of design and quality related to the same brand met by the customer in each gym. EMS producers on the market have their special franchise systems with their strict rules.

– The Nano Fitness brand provides the gyms with new opportunities with its innovation
– Our goal was to create a system with no restrictions related to the usage and appearance of our product
– By extending the range of customers due to the flexibility our product provides, we add a new color to the EMS market
– We provide more effective and, at the same time, enjoyable time with group works and the opportunity of combining the exercises with trendy workouts like zumbafitness, kettlebell, and TRX
– Our company is ready to build new relationships by supporting our new partners in creating their design.

The key in the marketing of gyms is winning the loyalty of their customers for which an effectively and quickly operated reliable system is essential. We believe that people joining EMS workouts are not only about to benefit from the advantages of the system but also from the most modern technologies. This was our goal when creating a technology to fulfill all needs. The option to choose the colors of the equipment is a unique flexibility not provided for customers by any of the companies. In case of interest, please feel free to share your conceptions with us by sending a mail to or texting us directly via the message box.