The electric muscle stimulation (EMS) means the contraction (and the relaxation) of the muscles, causes by the electric impulses.

The EMS technology itself has successfully used for rehabilitation purposes and the field of astronautics for decades. Recently the field of application has been expanded. It can be used in the area of cosmetic or sport as well. The EMS is the innovative way to increasing the effects of the strength training exercises.

Application areas:

  • weight loss, fat burning
  • improving physical condition
  • developing deep layers of muscles
  • correction (posture improving)
  • rehabilitation (after injury)
  • gain muscles
  • cellulite treatment
  • joint protection workout

The NANO Fitness BIRO EMS machine

  • Easy to handle;
  • Can be easily control the machine by the customer;
  • Detailed, customized setting opportunities;
  • With more machine, good for group training – using one tablet
  • Freedom of movements – owing to the hidden cabling
  • Close-fitting, elastic technical suit
  • The equipment is mobile, easy to transport so it provides the maximum level of freedom – it can be used anywhere

The NANO Fitness BIRO offers a 20-minutes, innovative, whole body workout for the costumers.

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