Feel the freedom with EMS training too.

Every NANO Fitness BIRO machine can be run successfully as a premium service in a part of an independent portable fitness studio. The NANO Fitness Biro is a kind of an innovative technology which is easily can be a basic equipment of a gym too. It may become the personal trainer’s favorite sport equipment – it can be combined with the sport equipment used so far and it can be integrated to our training method. But the training session reduces 20-30 minutes.

Owing to the mobility the whole equipment fits in a sports bag. Because of the portability the trainer can make house call and we don’t need to give up the training during the holiday.

If you are experienced in sports/fitness, you can easily learn how to handle the machine. Therefore you don’t have to give up your training while you in a holiday.

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Tollonics Éva
Head of Sales
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